Complete masterclass

I will share everything I have learned with you. More than 8 hours of video courses.

  • Covering all topics

    In this masterclass, I will cover all the topics you will have to master in order to become a better videographer. From business topics, finding your ideal clients, through my gear and the wedding day to editing and post-production. This course has more than 8 hours of content.

  • Develop your unique style

    A key element for becoming a successful wedding videographer is about mastering both the gear and your skills. But at the same time, you should develop your strengths to build your unique style.

  • This course will save you a lot of time

    You have a special opportunity to learn from the best. Wedding videography is a complex business. Learning from the mistakes and achievements of someone else will save you a lot of time.

Including free KACO LUT

This Masterclass is including a bonus content of a KACO LUT.

This is a REC.709 LUT that I have fine-tuned during the last 6 years.  And this is the only LUT that I use.  So the secret has been revealed  — try KACO colors at your footage!

English and Czech subtitles


This is an overview of all the chapters and lessons inside this workshop

  • 1


    • Thank you!

    • 01. Intro

    • 02. My story

    • 03. What is a wedding film

    • 04. Create your own style

    • 05. Inspiration is everything that you'll need

    • 06. Define and find your ideal client

    • 07. Communication with the clients

    • 08. Pricing

    • 09. How to get my dream wedding in a dream location?

    • 10. Growing your business through associates

    • 11. Twelve Tips how to become a better videographer

    • Bonus material: Wedding video contract

  • 2


    • 01. Introduction to my equipment

    • List of all of my equipment

    • 02. My camera equipment

    • 03. My lenses

    • 04. My sound equipment and its setup

    • 05. My other equipment

    • 06. Traveling with your expensive gear

    • 07. Preparation for the shooting

    • 08. Arriving at the location and starting of the shooting

    • 09. Wedding ceremony and communication with your second shooter

    • 10. Co-operation with the photographer

    • 11. Couple portraits

    • 12. Behind the scenes from the portrait session

    • 13. Dinner and Speeches

    • 14. Party and the end of the shooting

    • 15. Motivational story

    • Bonus material: Questionnaire for your clients

  • 3


    • 01. Data management

    • 02. Editing and finding the right music

    • 03. Introduction to color grading

    • 04. Primary corrections

    • 05. Fixing the white balance

    • 06. Fixing the skin tones

    • 07. Advanced color grading with power grades

    • 08. Stabilizing shots in Davinci Resolve

    • 09. How to install KACO LUT

    • Bonus material: Download KACO LUT

  • 4


    • Stories behind my wedding films and the technical break-down of each film

    • 01. Veronika and Lukas

    • 02. Katka and Pavel

    • 03. Rana and Lucas

    • 04. Lucie and Jakub

    • 05. Dominika and Ivo

    • 06. Sabrina and Matt

    • 07. Meg and James

    • 08. Tue and Christelle

    • 09. The Gemmers

    • 10. Jade and Patrick

    • 11. THANK YOU

    • Ending Credits

Meet your host

Martin from Kaco Films

Martin is the founder of Kaco Films.

He's been twice named as Europe's Best Wedding Videographer.

After quitting his career in a big corporation he has decided to combine some of his biggest hobbies into a new job — meeting new people, knowing different cultures, and traveling.

Martin is also a camera geek and a coffee lover.